3N2 Men Velo Runner Mesh QTQRQCY
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Mind-blowing. Door-busting. Revolutionary. The VELO RUNNER is a running shoe for pace setters, not pace keepers. Lighter than its competitors, it barely moves the needle at only 7.0 ounces, heavyweight presence in a featherweight frame. Floating on cloud-like cushioning, innovative midsole technology gives the Velo incredible flexibility, as well as providing rapid responsiveness to your foot's slightest movements, essential qualities for both sprint and distance running. A durable woven upper affords superior breathability without sacrificing support and stability. Featuring a supple outsole, optimally grooved for unmarred traction, the Velo allows for fluid range of motion throughout each stride.

Fit: True to Size

Upper: Mesh


3N2 Men Velo Runner Mesh QTQRQCY

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